Eva Gantz

Eva Gantz is a business strategist who intentionally builds kindness and care into every product. She delights in the curious intersection of technology, social good, money, and sexuality.

Eva has founded several startups, including:

  • MoodGenius: A data-driven mood tracking app that helps people manage their moods.
  • The Total Package (co-founder): A custom care package company based on ethical, local supply chains. Play the Present was its first product launch.
  • Giving Books a Voice: A consultancy that helped authors develop social media strategies.

Previously, Eva was a strategist at Facebook (2016-2020), the global community manager at Stellar.org, and a marketer at an indie book publisher.

Eva is ridiculously into dogs, and willing to bet you an overpriced whiskey latte that she can accurately advise you on your career.

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