Eva Gantz is available for select speaking engagements at conferences and private workshops. Eva speaks on community, financial inclusion, social justice, and author social media. Please get in touch if you’d like to bring her to your next event.

How to use social media to find your next 1000 fans

You probably already know that social media is a crucial part of any business, but how many of us know exactly how to be successful at social media marketing? We’ll run through concrete strategies for each social network, what kinds of content you should share, and how to grow an engaged social audience who’s excited to hear from you. Whether you’re still getting the hang of Facebook or you’ve been tweeting since 2007, this talk is for you.

How to Sell Your Book with Social Media with Zero Budget

So you wrote a book, or maybe two or three—congratulations! You’ve probably heard from peers and publishers a thousand times over that a social media presence is crucial to growing your readership. But how exactly can an indie author with zero budget grow a fanbase of loyal readers on Twitter, Facebook, or Google Plus? If your idea is beautiful and important, it deserves to be heard, no matter how big or small your marketing budget might be; social media can be your megaphone. With the right tools and techniques and a bit of creative thinking, every author can use social media to connect with their readers—past, present, and future.

Ethical Business: Applying Enthusiastic Consent to Sales and Marketing

The concept of enthusiastic consent—affirmative and active agreement—is widely agreed to be important in relationships and sexuality. But how many of us model our marketing, sales, and promotion on principles of consent? We’ll cover how to build an audience that wants to hear your message, and why all email lists and communication should be “opt-in.” Consent isn’t just for relationships—it’s for every aspect of human interaction, including your business.

When Sex Doesn’t Sell: Marketing for Erotica, Sexuality, and Romance Authors

Whoever came up with the phrase “sex sells” definitely wasn’t a sex writer. There’s this strange phenomenon where non-sexual products can use sexual undertones to increase sales, but marketing actual sexual books? Basically a gag order, and not in the fun way. Sexuality authors are excluded from traditional media and events, and often not able to advertise on social media platforms. What’s an erotica or sexuality author to do?

We’ll cover in-depth tips and tactics for marketing your writing. Learn how to get mainstream media coverage for your books, and find out how to make the most of your social media presence. Get hands-on advice and strategy for creating your own personalized zero-budget marketing plan. What you do is important—let’s make sure your voice is heard.

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